A Simple Thank You

02 Mar

Hello Everyone

I want to start out by saying I am so excited for 2014 and I want to share a few things with you.

Highlights from 2013

My biggest highlight was my training with Golden Artists Colors as a Golden Artist Educator.

I am so thrilled to bring you new classes, workshops, demos and even more on video.  I also fell in love with city of New Orleans having had a chance to experience Mardi Gras in February, train with Golden for a week in October and return with friends in January for 6 days.  I met some wonderful artist and made some new friends.  Hello to Greg, Hanneka, Kenneth and Jimmy.

Next was my Solo show in November which I worked on over 1.5 years. I decided to challenge myself and paint the story of Persephone and Demeter in abstract. The results were very rewarding and I found out some new things about myself, my process and my work that makes me more excited about 2014.

Challenges of 2013

This web site is number one. About 20% of the population uses both sides of there brain about equally. I happen to be cursed and a blessed with this gift. I am extremely creative and yet have to analyze everything.  I can change my oil, figure out how to deconstruct things, reconstruct things, align things without a measuring device but electronic/digital media processes just gets stuck in between brain sides. URLs, code, links etc… just get stuck so I have to thank my friend Mark Adam for helping me out with it.  Bless you Mark!

Goals for 2014

To bring 2-3 classes or workshops to you per month. I want to share all the knowledge I have accumulated with my Golden training as well as from what my own experimentation and exploration brings. Trust me I have done a lot of that and continue to experiment, create and learn.

To keep this web site and my blog going strong and to add art webinars later this year so I can share with you  across the country.

To keep working on a series I started at my residency in Peoria in 2012. This series will be a challenge since it will put my entire existence on this planet on display. It will expose my thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions. I have 3 pieces done and 4 more sketched to begin work on.  I am not sure how big the series will be but I know it will be at least 15 to 20 pieces strong.

To concentrate on getting another solo show for 2015 and a residency or two this year.

To visit New Orleans at least 3 times this year if not more. I also want to find gallery representation in this great city. This city has so much life and I feel like I belong somewhere else besides, Milwaukee and Aurora, IL my previous and current home town.

So to start 2014

My Thank you to many who have been there, helped me out, inspired me, supported me and just made me laugh.

I have to thank all my art clients, art appreciators, my art rep Megan Paul from Vara Design, Scott Hodge and The Orchard Community for keeping art alive in their church and allowing me to Live paint, my friends, family, Golden Artists colors and Patti Brady for accepting me into the Golden Artist Educator Program. Patty you are truly an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to our next encounters.

I am truly blessed to have so much happen this past year.  I have sold many works this year and thank you all for loving my work and supporting me. All of you are very important to me and keep me inspired doing what I love.

I am kicking off this blog is to keep you informed of what is happening in my art world, music world, film world and whatever comes along.  Classes, demos, music and more will be featured along with other artist I admire, enjoy and want to help promote. I am committing to once a month so you will not feel overwhelmed with electronic media and neither will I.

So keep watching for my next post. It will be interesting, funny, kind, honest, real and above all ……about life.

Blessing to everyone!  Always remember to Live, Laugh and Love.

Creating makes you present so Create and be present.

Love you all.

Maureen Gasek
Artist, Educator, Consultant
Lilly Studios