Private Lessons

Instruction Types Available

Beginning Painting – Learn the foundations of painting. Students will learn the fundamental design principals, the paint process, techniques, surfaces and more. Students will walk away from this course with a greater knowledge of the painting process and well as overall design that will apply to all artistic endeavors.

Indulge and Dive into the World of Acrylics – This  is a fun, fast-paced and informative. It includes technical, experimental and hands on applications. Heavy body, fluid, OPEN and the new Hi Flow acrylics will be covered. Students will learn about a variety of acrylic Mediums: GELS, PASTES, AGGREGATES (GRITS) AND MORE to create surface texture, alter consistency and extend and economize your paints.  Sample boards will be created.

Surfaces and Textures – Hands on session creating textures, surfaces and sculptural effects using a variety of gels, pastes, grits and more.

Understanding Acrylics – Covers the flexibility of acrylics and how multifunctional they are. Heavy body, fluids, OPEN, the new High Flow mediums, and more will be explored.

Gels, Pastes, Mediums and More – Dig into the world of mediums, gels, pastes, aggregates (grits) and more.

OPEN Acrylics – Get hands on experience about the revolutionary new slow-drying Golden OPEN Acrylics.  Students work with OPEN Acrylics, mediums and gels and learn how to prepare surfaces, blend, mix, and more.