For the novice or professional. Limited space available. Thursdays in Aurora, IL from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Artist Statement

I believe a full understanding of our emotional nature fuels and nurtures our visual imagination.  Each of my pieces is an exploration of emotion intertwined with organic substance which allows the viewer’s imagination to come to life.

I create works that entice individuals to explore and find life within as I do when I am creating them.  The colors and layers in my work relate differently to each individual’s spirit as it is viewed and studied.

My works are an exploration of movement and color. My intention is for the viewer to take control of each painting and explore their own memories, emotions and thoughts within each piece. Each piece will evoke something different from each viewer.

I am grateful for everything I have done and aspire to do. I love where my work is taking me and where it takes others. I was created to create.

Quote:  Creating makes us present so be present and Create something.

– Maureen