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The OPEN Acrylic Revolution

June 20th        10-1.00pm   Workshop Fee: $35.00             All Levels

Now is your chance to find out with hands on experience about the revolutionary new slow-drying Golden OPEN Acrylics. OPEN Acrylics act similar to oil paints, clean up with soap and water and have an extended working time, 4-15 times longer, for more control of blending and overall manipulation of the paint. They are very versatile and can used in combination with other Golden acrylics, mediums and gels allowing artists a wide range of exploration.

Students will have hands on experience working with OPEN Acrylics, mediums and gels and will learn how to prepare surfaces, blend, mix and more. OPENS are great for plein air painting and mono printing.  A simple mono print demo will be included on a jelly plate.
Students should bring a notebook to take notes and be prepared to take samples home that still may be damp.

 Supplies Needed to Bring

Several colors of Open Acrylics. ( will provide a limited palette of colors)

Brushes ( I will have some to use as well)

Palette or grey matters palette paper.

I will provide the mediums (limited palette

Different types surfaces to paint on. Canvas, canvas board or other paintable surfaces. (other than what I provide)

Class size is what you can hold.  I can do 15 easily but not sure if you have the space.


Surfaces and Textures, The WOW Factor!

July 25th        10-1:00pm   Workshop Fee: $45.00             All Levels

This workshop is designed to spread some texture around working with GELS, PASTES, AGGREGATES (GRITS) AND MORE.  Learn about the differences, the unique properties, how each creates unique textures, surfaces and sculptured special effects.  Students will make samples boards and a small painting or two using different mediums. Properties, uses, drying times, opacity/transparency, absorbency, mixing and much more will be covered on these magnificent Golden mediums. Get ready for texture.

Students will take home all work and samples created in this workshop.

Students should bring a notebook to take notes and be prepared to take samples home that still may be damp.

 Supplies Needed To Bring

Students should bring any Golden mediums they already have to explore and learn how to use them. If they do not have them bring at least one that interests them. Must be a gel, paste or grit. (not plain polymer medium)

Palette or grey matters palette paper.

Palette knife is they have one (I have them also)

At least one heavy body paint, one fluid the same color to mix with mediums

Instructor will supply sample boards to work on


August 8 \

Mixed Media


Incorporate boards, papers, mediums, skins, pencil, tombo dual tip. Waterbase.